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About the brand


Beautamine – your
inner beauty

We have asked ourselves many times where beauty comes from. How many people, especially women, have low self- esteem? Why do beauty canons reject some people and favor others? It was then that we understood that beauty comes from within.

From our self-care and emotional peace.

Beauty is not just a determinant of physical appeal; beauty is more than that. It is the acceptance of yourself, your imperfections, your shortcomings and your inner power. Beauty is health, and health is well-being.

Beautamine means beauty.


Your beauty!

From timid dreams to significant steps.

Dreams are made to become a reality.

And one of our dreams was to create a brand that reflects the inner world of independent women who feel strongly connected with their beliefs. A brand in which they would feel at home. Safe, comfortable and light.

After years of searching, we concluded that quality, good composition and uniqueness are not enough. The products we want to promote should have a piece of nature combined with innovative solutions that really work.

Therefore, Beautamine is a response to the demand of those who value innovation combined with a traditional approach to body and spirit care. Our formulas are simple, transparent and inspired by the latest scientific achievements. They prove that your beauty comes from within and that being fit is part of a state of mind, not just a pursuit of the latest fashion.


For the sake of you and your well-being.

The philosophy of the Beautamine brand is based on three pillars:


attention to detail

because we attach great importance to everything that concerns the brand products. Both to the formulas and the origin of the ingredients from which they are made. We also keep in mind the products' functionality, effectiveness and design, whose simplicity refers to inner beauty.


caring for you

because we know that no matter who you are, you simply need top-quality care. Our products include high-quality dietary supplements and cosmetics to help you take care of yourself, build your self-esteem and bring out your natural beauty.



because we do not hide anything from you. The products we bring to you are the sum of the hard work of many people. Those who have made sure that the compositions are as natural as possible and those who have been watching over the quality of the products themselves: their fragrance, texture, ease of use and many other aspects that you don't even think about on a daily basis!

Beautamine means taking care of your inner beauty.

Accept it!


We adapt to your needs

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